Friday, September 23, 2011

Stuff In My Inbox?

I get a lot of funny little things in my inbox and  hate sending all those forwards to people who really don't want it, either. Some stuff is cute or really makes you what to share it. I don't share a lot of this on my personal social network pages, because I have some folks on there that might not appreciate some of the twisted things that I occasionally find amusing. This is the place to put all these stories, jokes, musings, rants, random stuff, without having to dump it on my friends' inboxes. It's mostly for me, but if you happen to be reading along, I hope you find something that makes you either smile or go hmmm.....

About Me:

I'm someone who enjoys a good laugh or a smile to help get me through life's trials--both large and small. I'm also a teacher and love the crazy things kids say and do!

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